Become a Product Manager in IT!
Product Camp is your chance to get a job at an IT product company.

With our internship program, you can complete the GoPractice! course, obtain practical knowledge and improve your skills using real data in Amplitude.

Start date: March 29th, 2021

Solve practical product cases in the GoPractice! simulator
  • The simulator is as close as possible to real cases at product IT companies.
  • GoPractice! is built on the game principle - subsequent tasks are adapted to specific solutions.

Quick integration into the world of IT
About Product Camp
Train on real product data in Amplitude
  • You will get the opportunity to work in the Amplitude analytics system on real product data.
  • You will have access to the following features: User Segmentation, Product Funnels, Retention Analysis, User Lifecycle, Sessions, and more

Upgrade your skills and find your strengths
  • At each stage of the internship, you will gain new knowledge and test your skills.
  • There is an ongoing competitive selection process during the internship, and at the end of Product Camp, the strongest interns will stay.

  • Product Camp is your entrance ticket to a product company and the opportunity to receive a job offer in IT.
  • In 2 months, you'll acquire the basic knowledge and practical skills required for your future career.

    • Strive to develop interesting products
    • Know how to analyze and organize information
    • Can work efficiently in multithreading mode
    • Set and achieve ambitious goals
    • Are not afraid to take responsibility
    • Want to continuously learn and gain new skills
    • Learn quickly and like to explore new things
    • Speak intermediate level English or higher
    At Product Camp, we expect to see people who:
    • Get a job offer from an IT product company, subject to a successful internship
    • Take a course in the GoPractice! simulator. We will pay for interns who successfully pass all the pre-tests.
    • Upgrade their skills applicable to Product Manager work
    Product Camp participants will be able to:
    We will form our team of interns based on the results of the test and a quick interview. Once these two stages have been successfully completed, applicants will have the opportunity to enroll in Product Camp.
    Schedule Product Camp
    Retention Book & Amplitude Test
    10 days
    This test is based on real product cases and the retention book from Amplitude.
    The workflow is simple: you receive knowledge and input data from us – then you use them to solve a case– you answer key questions in the format of test tasks.

    1 day (30 minutes)
    We'll find out what you've learned and whether you are ready to move on.
    21 days
    We are confident that learning through practice is more effective than through theory. The GoPractice simulator works precisely on this principle.
    Final Interview
    1 day (60 minutes)
    You are already very close, one more step – and welcome to the IT world :) During the Final Interview, we will discuss all your successes and growth areas. The best Product Camp participants will receive a job offer.

    This is a simulator for working at a product company.
    You will gain practical experience, develop an ambitious product, analyze real data via analytics tools, and make decisions.
    The simulator is like a game. Each section is a sequence of tasks that are adapted to your theory answers, work in the analytics tool, communication with the characters, and plot twists. The simulator is as close to real life as possible and is built on the following principle: first practice, then theory. You will solve tasks and then receive the theory, which is adapted to your answers, and this will help you structure your experience and skills.

    Get a job at an IT product company

    Participate in the development and promotion of applications, many of which are global leaders in their subcategories

    Get experience interacting with the best specialists in the field of product development on the market

    Get refunded by the company for participating in trainings, courses, conferences, etc.

    Get health insurance starting from your first month of work

    Work in a cozy office with all the necessary amenities, including a gameroom, sports equipment, a massage chair, and other nice things

    Enjoy free office lunches, fruit, ice cream, healthy snacks, and drinks

    Practice yoga with a trainer right in the office

    If you successfully complete Product Camp,
    you will be able to:
    Will I get paid for my internship?
    No. We pay for your Product Manager GoPractice course, and we also give you access to real data in Amplitude.
    Do you guarantee employment for those who have completed the internship?
    No, we do not guarantee employment for everyone. Only the best students will receive a job offer. Either way, you will gain valuable CV experience.
    How long does the training take?
    2 months from the end-day of registration.
    After completing the internship, can I combine work with you and another company?
    No, we are looking for employees who will be fully involved in the work process and will be able to work full-time.
    Can I combine the internship with a job at another company?
    Yes, all the internship phases take a couple of hours a day.
    Where does the training take place?
    The training is online and at a time convenient for you. We will meet personally during the Interview stages.
    Will Product Camp graduates receive any certificates after completing their internships?
    Yes, after completing all phases of the training, interns will receive a GoPractice! certificate, which can be attached to their CV.
    Will there be intermediate phases or screenings?
    Yes, at each stage we select the best players. The most active and promising students will receive job offers.
    Boost Your Career

    After registration, we will send you a test via email

    registration is open until March 29th, 2021
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